October’s line up for PlayStation Plus has been announced and its impressive. For the PS4 we are getting two major releases from the past; first being the remaster of Capcom’s Resident Evil (the REmake version from the GameCube) and the second being the Activision & Platinum Games Transformers Devastation. Both of these games are some of the PS4’s best.

For the PS Vita, we have Aksys Games Code: Realize – Guardian of Rebirth which is a visual novel with romance elements. This follows last month’s ‘big’ PS Vita title Amnesia: Memories from Idea Factory. Nice trend seeing visual novels get more mainstream presence through PlayStation Plus.

But we have another game coming to the Vita line up, as the dark title Actual Sunlight is part of PS+ too and it focuses on serious topics of things like depression. It is a powerful story and one that many gamers should consider playing.

To close out this months titles is the line up for PS3. Mad Riders drifts up first with it being a fun arcade racing game where you use dirt bikes to get across a number of tracks.

From Dust is the final game of the PS+ Line up and this title focuses on building up a new base and surviving. You can see some gameplay of the title below.


The PS4 has been doing better in Japan over the past two years but did you know that most recently, it outsold the Nintendo Wii U in terms of lifetime sales? Based on Media Crate Reports, the PS4 outsold the Wii U in lifetime sales in September.

From Media Create, after 2 years in the market, the PS4 has surpassed Wii U in lifetime sales.
PS4 – 3,267,243          Wii U- 3,265,329

Wii U launched in Japan about one year and 3 months before PS4.
Wii U launch: December 8, 2012          PS4 launch: February 22, 2014

Considering how Nintendo is releasing less Wii U games this year in Japan and that the PS4 is getting plenty of JP support in the form of releases like ATLUS’ and SEGA’s Persona 5, not surprising to see the PS4 outsell the Wii U in lifetime sales.

Source: NeoGaf

In a very interesting turn of events, No Man’s Sky is getting investigated by the Advertising Standards community after receiving many complaints regarding the title. Many said that the released game did not match the promised one presented in screen shots and promotional material.

The watchdog launched its investigation after receiving “several complaints” about No Man’s Sky advertising.

The ASA has the power to have advertisements it believes are in breach of its code of conduct withdrawn, and prevent them from appearing again. If an advertiser refuses to comply with an ASA ruling, it can impose sanctions, such as asking internet search websites to remove a marketer’s paid-for search ads.

This extends to not just looking over press material, but also asking questions to No Man’s Sky studio Hello Games, Valve and even Sony itself.

The ASA has contacted both Hello Games and Valve and asked them to respond to a raft of questions relating to No Man’s Sky advertisements.

Complaints centre around screenshots and videos that feature more advanced animal behaviour, large-scale combat and ship-flying behaviour than ended up in the launch version of the game. Complainants also say screenshots misrepresent the graphical quality of the game.

You can read the full story from Eurogamer here but this just adds onto the pile of other issues and events surrounding this games troubled development and release. 

The top-down shooter is a genre of gaming that always offers some great fun to gaming. Getting effective power ups to take out waves of oncoming foes, carefully moving away from waves of bullets and more makes this genre of gaming a very fun one to play.

Infinite Dreams released Sky Force in the past on iOS and Android to great success and recently they revamped this title for consoles with Sky Force Anniversary. Does the game adapt well to a traditional control set up and offer great fun?

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Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice has a lighthearted story but unlike Shattered Crystal, Fire & Ice has every cut-scene voiced by the main cast of the show. It makes cut-scenes more dynamic and interesting compared to the original Shattered Crystal.

This is all the cut-scenes from the game so if you don’t want to be spoiled, don’t watch the video. But considering production values are a step up from Shattered Crystal, I wanted to highlight this. Thank you @BlueParax for putting all the cut-scenes in one video.

Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice recently released on the Nintendo 3DS and many YouTube content creators focusing on Sonic content produced content for this announcement. Popular YouTube user @Cobanermani456 started a new playthrough series focusing on Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice. You can find both the first part (above) and second part (below) in this article. Honestly am very impressed with what I am seeing with Fire & Ice’s gampelay and while we won’t have a review ready soon, expect one sometime in the future.

Destiny has been a big success story for both Activision & Bungie, with a sequel entering development with little questioning. However the original never released on PC, only on PS3/360/PS4/Xbox One. This prevented the PC gamer user based from playing the title but Bungie wants to rectify this with sequel apparently; its coming to PC in addition to consoles.

The PC rumor first popped up on NeoGAF today. This afternoon, a GAF poster named benny_a wrote that a friend at Activision had told him that Destiny’s much-anticipated sequel will indeed be on PC. The publisher informed employees about the news during an internal presentation today, according to benny_a. He added another interesting tidbit: that the Activision-owned studio Vicarious Visions is also helping out on Destiny 2. Although that isn’t public knowledge, I had heard the same thing a few weeks ago, which adds credence to benny_a’s report.

In addition to the game coming to PC, Vicarious Visions (working on Skylanders & Crash Bandicoot Remastered/Remakes) is also cited to be assisting development on Destiny 2. Another interesting bit of news is that Bungie wants Destiny 2 to feel like a proper sequel rather than an expansion unlike prior releases.

Over the past few months, I’ve heard that Bungie’s leadership wants Destiny 2to feel like a proper sequel, even if that means leaving old planets, characters, and activities behind. In conversations with me, people connected to Bungie have made comparisons to Blizzard’s Diablo 2, which iterated on the first game in some incredible ways but didn’t carry over characters or content from Diablo. I don’t know exactly how much will change in Destiny 2, but all signs point to the developers starting from scratch. “D2 is a completely different game,” said one person familiar with development. “The Taken King was a reboot for Destiny 1 to fix small things. This is the overhaul to fix big things.”

You can learn more about Destiny 2, such as that Bungie is considering not carrying over player stats/gear and more at the Kotaku article this news originates from. 


This is a very interesting discovery; originally, we was supposed to be getting a sequel to the PS3/360 title The Saboteur. After the development of the original wrapped up, work on a sequel started regarding looking for a new creative director.

Was there a particular reason that you stayed in Australia after the closure of Pandemic, as I half-expected you to go back to the States?

Well Pandemic in Los Angeles did offer me a job, which I took [in early 2009]. So I went over there and worked there for a week, but I got the smell of death. So after that week I turned the job down. I was supposed to take over as the creative director on The Saboteur DLC and then on The Saboteur 2. That was what they wanted me to head up.

Then the process would turn into them regularly being overruled by forces inside EA that had nothing to do with development. Like marketing people or Frank Gibeau [president of EA Studios] and any other number of useless and dangerous idiots.

So after a week of watching that process happen, or it might have been two weeks, it convinced me that I could not make games that way. My job as a lead [designer] has always been to empower other people and be the “shit umbrella” – that is the term you use for that role in big companies. People who are very far from the details will try and shit on your project from above and your job is to collect all of that shit and make sure it runs off the side and doesn’t get on the team. And I am pretty good at that. But ultimately I need to be able to tell people, “you are in control of this,” for that to be true.” Because that is the only way I know how to get results.

This is very interesting to hear, as Pandemic was soon shut down after the release of Sabeoteur despite the game critically doing well.

Source: Finder