The Last Guardian has been in development for years, and many fans of Team Ico’s previous works, ICO (PS2, 2001) and Shadow of The Colossus (PS2, 2005), have been anticipating the best game from the studio yet. The goal of the creators is clearly to tell a story through interactivity instead of directly through writing or speech. The goal is to tell the story visually and through the input of the player, an interesting idea that is usually omitted from other works in the video game industry. However to accomplish this, the gameplay would have to contain a minimal quality so to keep the player engrossed in the mechanics and immersed in the world. Let us break down the game and why this adventure either succeeds or fails in its intended goal


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When you watch an animated series, one wonders what goes into the production; how do you make these characters on screen animate or interact with one another, even hearing their voices is interesting with you thinking ‘How does one voice this character?’ I have watched many animated productions over the years on both television and in movies, but animated series on the internet are quite interesting.

They can take a lot of time to get completed but they are enjoyable, offer quality action and story, and characters you can never forget. Chris, known as Kirbopher, is the creator of the animated series ‘T.O.M.E.’ in addition to working on numerous other projects. Today, I am honored to have an interview with him and have him answer a number of questions I have about his series and more.

This interview answers a lot of questions, such as past voice acting roles Chris was involved in, his work on the T.O.M.E series and more. I hope you all enjoy this interview!

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Final Fantasy XV has a very interesting history behind it, an it may be one of the most important games Square Enix will release given what this game may or may not do for their biggest franchise and the company as as whole on the Japanese side of its production studios. To explain this I’ll go briefly over a bit of history to make sure the readers understand why this is by.


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Hello everyone.

This will be a short piece but I want to make clear the team that runs this site.

Motwera: Owner and Founder of 3WIREL & Crashy News. He works hard in making sure the site runs well and has little to no back-end issues.

Robert Kellett (aka RK128): I am the main writer of the site and focus on writing gaming news. But I have written a number of articles and reviews over the past few months.

Hero of Legend (aka GoldMetalSonic): Manager of our Podcast Team to ensure any podcasts done in the name of the site are recorded and released. He deals with the recording of audio, setting up times when we do the podcasts and is a commentator during any discussion held on the podcast.

Verzu Chase: New Writer on the site starting his official role with the Final Fantasy XV review. He will continue writing reviews and in the future, gaming news, on 3WIREL.

I hope this explains the team currently working at 3WIREL and that you all have a great day.

Data Miners have discovered walking and running animations for every single Pokémon in Sun & Moon. Could this really mean that Walking Pokémon will return in the rumored Pokémon Stars for Switch? Get all the details here!

SOURCE: http://gonintendo.com/stories/269792-…

The history of Mighty No. 9 is a bit tricky, as specific details on the campaign aren’t clear. I remember writing about the game post launch but I didn’t cover everything surrounding the campaign. There is a lot to discuss with Mighty No. 9 and the conversation continues with Past Mortem, a YouTube series, covering an episode on the title.

This above video was created by Stop Skeletons From Fighting and they do fantastic work with other videos. Below will be the video’s description.

It’s worse than prom night. You’ve seen the game and read the headlines, now let us show you how Mighty No. 9 went from being one of the most profitable Kickstarted video games in history to being one of the biggest disappointments. It’s even worse than you thought.

Written by Grace Kramer & Derek Alexander
Edited by Derek Alexander


Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite will be releasing next year but a hot-button question is this; are X-Men and Fantastic Four characters appearing in the game? Well, if this rumor is correct, yes, they will. Ryce made this post on NeoGaf stating that the mutants and fantastic four characters will appear in the game as DLC. It is a done deal, in his words. 

This is great news and likely supports the fact that MvC Infinite will be a release supported for years; this implies future characters outside of the games core launch will come to the game via DLC.

Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite was announced at the PSX 2016 event on Sony’s stage and many assumed it was going to be a PlayStation exclusive, considering how Sony helped pay for Street Fighter V’s development. But news came out with an extended trailer, that the game will see release on both the Xbox One and PC platforms.

The extended trailer also shows off two returning fighters; Captain America and Morrigan. They seem to have the same movesets from UMvC3, but likely have a new move or two (like how Iron Man has a new attack, which was shown in the trailer). We also see X having the ability to don different Dr. Light Armors for special attacks, so maybe we will see a lot of references to other X-Series games in MvC Infinite.

The Last Guardian is releasing soon and Digital Foundry released an analysis video detailing how the game runs on the PS4 and PS4 Pro. Despite being on stronger hardware after moving from PS3 too PS4, the game still has some major frame rate issues on base PS4, with it going from 20-30 FPS. When it was in development on the PS3, the game ran at 10FPS from released footage, so all the different effects and AI work the game offers likely is a hardware strain.

But PS4 Pro has two modes (both you need to access from the PS4 OS Level Menus); 1080P and 4K. The former offers an almost locked 30FPS while the later is better running than base PS4 and has sharper image quality.